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Title: Inevitability
Author: forcryinoutloud
Pairing: Implied John/Rodney
Rating: PG13/ R?
Category: Badfic, Crackfic--whatever you want to call it.
Summary: Rodney watched the smirk appear on Carter’s face when the small device in her hand lit up. Apparently the ATA gene therapy had worked on her. Wonderful.
Warnings: Character Death (duh), unbetaed
Author's Notes: Okay so...this community may possibly be encouraging my dislike of Carter and giving me an outlet...*cackles* Obviously this is to be taken with a grain of salt...even if I totally wouldn't be upset to see Carter killed off on the show. ;)

Rodney watched the smirk appear on Carter’s face when the small device in her hand lit up. Apparently the ATA gene therapy had worked on her. Wonderful. It wasn’t that Rodney begrudged her the joy that came with being able to interact with Ancient technology--okay well he didn’t begrudge her much--it was that she’d already spent most of the past month being completely insufferable. Rodney had no doubts that now that she could turn on Ancient tech with a mere thought that she’d be spending even more time in the labs than she had been the last four weeks, driving Rodney ever closer to the breakdown he’d spent the past four years avoiding.

And while normally that would have excited Rodney, the idea of Carter and her blonde hair and passable brains in his personal space, he’d come to learn over the past month that Colonel Samantha Carter wasn’t even remotely close to the woman he had spent many a long cold night in Siberia, and the first year on Atlantis fantasizing about. (Of course that may have had something to do with a tall, lean, criminally sexy Colonel Sheppard occupying his bed now). She had always accused him of being petty, arrogant and bad with people, and Rodney was man enough to admit she was right but Colonel Carter wasn’t exactly Mother Theresa.

She had spent a month trying to fit in with the members of the Atlantis team, a month trying to play diplomat to their allies and she had spent a month failing miserably. She was military yes, a scientist yes, two things that in other circumstances might make her fit in easily but she wasn’t just a soldier and a scientist, she was the new boss. She was the one that had replaced Elizabeth and even though Rodney hadn’t always agreed with Elizabeth’s management of the city, she had eventually earned his loyalty. She had earned the loyalty of everyone else in the city as well. And that Sam Carter was attempting to move in and replace her grated on more than one nerve.

She poked her nose into the labs every chance she got, pointing out what she believed to be errors--she hadn’t quite realized yet that things in Pegasus didn’t work the same way as they did on Earth--overruling Rodney in internal lab matters, undermining his authority as head of the science department. Not only that, she had no problem doing the same thing with John and the military aspects of the city. More than once Rodney had come back to his room to find John hiding on the balcony with a bottle of Radek’s rotgut, cursing the wraith, the replicators and one Colonel Samantha Carter. Rodney was beginning to worry that Carter would do what Pegasus hadn’t managed to do in almost four years, push Sheppard into alcoholism. Most nights it took Rodney an hour or more to relax John enough for them to even think about enjoying their usual method of stress relief.

So it came with a mix of regret and overwhelming guilt (at the small trickle of pleasure) that Carter had met her end through her own arrogance.

Rodney had told her not to touch the Ancient device that SG-7 had brought back from P6C-853. They hadn’t had a chance to even guess at what it was let alone know whether or not it was dangerous. But Carter being Carter had believed she was the best one to discover what exactly the small red triangular object did.

The moment she touched the device, it split open at the seams, spreading outward like an opening flower. Her grin was blinding as she looked up at Rodney but it wasn’t a pretty sight. Her eyes were alight with arrogant pride that she was about to come up with all the answers to the questions the tiny device, held in her palm, had produced.

It was only because John happened to stroll into the lab and that he’d always been Atlantis’ favored son, that the rest of them hadn’t been added to the casualty list. One look at the device in Carter’s hand and he yelled for the room to be evacuated, grabbed Rodney and pulled him toward the door.

Carter looked up in confusion, watching John pull Rodney away, watching as the rest of the scientists, long used to trusting John Sheppard’s instincts when it came to Ancient tech, scattered from the room like scared rabbits. And then the device that had looked so harmless, imbedded itself into Carter’s palm, blood streaming down her pale skin as she screamed, trying to pull it away from her hand.

The moment Rodney and John were outside the lab, Atlantis went into lockdown, sealing off the lab so that no one, not even John--especially not John--could get back inside. Even through the sealed doors though, they could still hear Carter screaming.

When Atlantis would finally allow them back inside the sight that greeted them had Rodney’s stomach lurching, his knees suddenly going weak. John was there to support him, grabbing him around the waist and leading him to a chair away from the blood…so much blood. There was just enough left of Carter to identify the body parts as hers.

The SGC had surprised them all when they agreed to Rodney’s suggestion that the city be run by both civilian and military personnel. What surprised them even more was that the SGC assigned John and Rodney as the new heads of Atlantis.

The city returned to what passed for normal in Pegasus, each of its inhabitants finally able to once again feel at home in their beloved Atlantis with both John and Rodney in charge.

Teyla and Ronon acted as liaisons between the Athosians, other Pegasus cultures and the Lantians. The team was “officially” disbanded and neither John nor Rodney went off-world anymore unless absolutely necessary…or when Teyla and Ronon insisted they needed a vacation.

They had spent almost two months under the rule of Colonel Carter but once her body--or what was left of it--had been sent back through the gate, those two months became nothing but a bad memory. No one had wished her dead--well, never seriously--but the city was a much happier, safer place without her there. And if it took an Ancient device killing her to allow the Lantians to rightfully become the leaders of Atlantis…well, no one was exactly complaining.


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Death to Sam Carter!

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