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Death to Sam Carter!

(Not that we don't like her or anything)

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Inspired by kill_dr_weir, this community is dedicated to inventing many and sundry deaths for Sam Carter, the new commander of Atlantis. May the death fic commence!

I'll put up a detailed list of rules later if I feel it's needed, but for right now the rules are pretty standard:
-please include a descriptive subject line for your posts
-no off topic posts (for the record: fic, discussions, art, and any other creative endeavor devoted to killing Carter is considered on topic)
-play nice
-This is not the place for bashing AT. Most of us like her, and she is a real person, so please show her your respect.
-This is not a pro-Carter zone. If you are a Carter fan, this is not the place for you. Please respect our opinions, even if they differ from yours.

Fic posts should follow this or a similar format:

Pairing (if applicable):